• Make an appointment and let our knowledgeable staff do all the work.

  • Includes: Shampoo, conditioning, blow-dry, brush out, ear cleaning,
    paw fur and feather trim, gland expression, upon request, and of
    course, a ‘paw’dicure (nail trimming). 

  • We only work on one dog at a time,
    usually allow 1-2 hours.

Store Policy:

A $20 fee will be charged for missed appointments or cancellations within 6 hours of appointment time.
There is a $30 service charge on all returned checks. Merchandise returns must be accompanied by receipt.
Dogs must be picked up within an hour of completion, and cannot be dropped off more than an hour prior to appointment time. A $10/hour 'day care' fee will be charged for dogs left beyond the hour.