Once your dog is in the tub, give him a good brushin’. This will tell you if he has dry skin or fleas. 

Wash by sections. Using warm water, not hot, wet only the section you’re working on. This way, when she shakes, there will be less water on you. Start with the face (we have a mild/tearless shampoo) and next wet the head, being sure not to get water inside the ear canal. Move on to the neck and chest area and continue on down, soaking and scrubbing each section well. Don’t forget those hard to reach areas, doggies have them too. Be sure to turn him around so you can reach the other side. Thoroughly wetting the coat will help lather the shampoo, and will get the shampoo down to the skin

Once she’s all lathered up, leave the shampoo on for a few minutes. If you’re using flea or medicated shampoo leave on for 5-10 minutes. 

Rinse well. Rinsing well is one of the most important steps. Rinse until no suds remain

To dry, leave him in the tub and start rubbing well with the towels, letting him shake as much as he wants. (A tip: to help him shake, gently blow in his ear.) DRYERS - you can either leave him in the tub, or bring him up on the platform. Hold the nozzle very close to the skin. Be sure not to blow it at his face or in his ears. The blowers are not heated, (regular blow dryers are dangerous for a dog, they can overheat) but work by blowing off the water and loose fur. They work best on "HI" with the narrow attachment. To dry the ears, hold the ear flaps down, tight on his head, or hold your thumb over his ear canal, and blow dry the outside of the ear. Don’t give up, sometimes the dryers take a little getting used to. 

Give him lots of lovin’. And a treat wouldn’t hurt either. 

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask.